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/ Who are we?

Professional headlight regeneration workshop

Our company specializes in the field of automotive lighting. We focus on expertise and professionalism, which is the mission of our company. We make every effort to ensure that customers who use our services are satisfied!

/ Why should you choose us?

We offer a complete headlight restoration

Why us? We have many years of experience in the field of automotive lighting regeneration. We offer short lead times, competitive prices and high quality service!

High quality services

professional assistance

competitive prices

fast execution

vroomer - reconditioning of headlights in old cars
vroomer - headlight reconditioning for new cars
What do we offer?

Our services

vroomer - painting the inside of the headlights
vroomer - reflector regeneration

Headlight regeneration and professional repair of car lamps

The headlights in a car naturally wear out. Weather conditions are primarily responsible for this, including UV rays, road salt, as well as sand particles and stones hitting while driving. All these factors cause the lamps to become dull and significantly less efficient. This has a direct impact on the fact that the light stream is weaker, resulting reduced visibility and safety, and for other traffic participants. Hence, services such as car headlights repair and their regeneration have enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years. We perform such services on various models of cars, both newer and older. All this at very competitive prices and in a way that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Headlight and lamp regeneration - Nowy Targ and surroundings

Only a well-executed lamp regeneration service can guarantee that the lamps will once again properly illuminate the road. This is why it is important to choose a specialized company, such as Vroomer to carry it out. Using our help in the field of repairing car lamps is primarily such benefits as:

  • quick valuation of the service,
  • guarantee that even the most complex orders will be accepted,
  • headlight regeneration done with attention to details,
  • affordable price for new and regular customers,
  • high quality service,
  • trouble-free and friendly contact,
  • possibility to ship headlights from anywhere in the UE,
  • fast order execution.

We also provide other services such as headlight polishing, adaptation of US lamps, installation of projectors, as well as plastic welding of car lamps. We carry out all of them using modern tools and carefully in such a way as to meet our customers' expectations. In addition, on our website you can check our previous realisations. This will allow you to assess whether the quality of our services meets your expectations and you will see how much attention to detail we pay. We hope this will convince you to take advantage of our professional assistance.

When will repair and reconditioning work best?

Wondering when and why to perform such a service with our help? One of the main reasons is that it is a cheaper method than buying new lamps. Thus, you can save a lot of money, but without having to worry that the repair will be less effective. After all, a well-executed service means that the lamp shade is fully transparent, without the risk of damaging the bodywork and without using tools that could otherwise damage the vehicle's coating. So if you're hoping for a cost-effective and hassle-free service, this kind of car lamp repair will work best for you.

Contact us now and get expert assistance

If headlight regeneration is a service you are interested in, we warmly encourage you to contact us directly. We leave our telephone number and e-mail address at your disposal. You are also welcome to visit us in person at our location in Rogoznik near Nowy Targ. This is where we carry out our repair and regeneration work. On site, you can ask about the details of our offer and the preliminary valuation of services. We also encourage customers from other places to contact us online and use the option of shipping reflectors or lamps, which is a very convenient solution. 

Contact us and find out more!