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Have you been in a collision? Do you have a damaged headlight? Has it cracked, yellowed or perhaps has a manufacturing defect? You no longer need to buy expensive original headlights that cost thousands. Instead, you can replace the diffuser itself.

Damaged headlight - scratched, yellowed or tarnished does not focus light properly. As a result, the range of road visibility is reduced. The solution can be car lamp polishing. It allows you to regain the parameters of the lamps without buying and installing new ones.

Our area of activity is the regeneration of car headlights. Often if they are damaged they have cracked housings. Then it is necessary to weld such a headlight to maintain its tightness.

vroomer - about us
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We have many years of experience in headlight reconditioning


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Our team of specialists will carry out even the most difficult repair quickly and efficiently.

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We carry out repairs in no time. You can come to us in person or send the part by courier.



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