Adaptation of US / UK lamps to the EU version

Our company also deals with adaptation of lamps to the standards in force in the European Union. We must remember that when we decide to buy a car that was manufactured in a non-European market, we will incur many hidden costs. This involves making modifications to allow the vehicle to be licensed. One of these is adaptation of lamps in accordance with Polish standards.

Why is it necessary to adapt car lamps from the USA?

The lamps used on vehicles from the USA shine symmetrically, i.e. they illuminate both the left and right sides of the carriageway evenly. In Poland and Europe, on the other hand, the headlights should shine asymmetrically - the right side of the carriageway is lit more. The rear headlights do not include fog lamps and the colour of the turn signals in them is different to the front. At the same time, the turn indicators in the front lamps are also position lights, in Poland they are fitted separately.

Why is it necessary to adapt lamps from the UK?

The lamps that are used on vehicles made in the UK also differ from those used in other European countries. First of all, left-hand traffic is mandatory in the UK. This means that the left-hand side of the carriageway is illuminated more than the right-hand side, the opposite of Poland. The lamps are therefore modified so that the light beam illuminates the right-hand side of the carriageway. This is most often achieved by changing the lens apertures.
Our company offers professional lamp adaptation from the USA and UK. After using our services, customers do not have the slightest problem passing the vehicle's technical examination and admission to road traffic.