Free courier to collect your headlights

Many of our customers choose to send their headlights for reconditioning. Until now, this involved additional costs and the need to send the parcel yourself at the post office or order a courier.

We have decided to simplify the process and from now on, if you decide to have your headlights reconditioned at our service centre we will send a courier, to pick up the prepared package completely free of charge

Preparation for dispatch:

  • Take photos of the headlights before packing.
  • Prepare a sturdy cardboard box in which to pack the headlights.
  • Secure the headlights with plenty of bubble wrap, foam or other filler to cushion the headlight in the package.
  • Include a service request form in the package or email it to us ➔ DOWNLOAD FORM.
  • Include the address to which we are to send the reconditioned headlights.