Headlight polishing

During the use of a car, lamps gradually wear out. This is due to the action of various factors on the headlights, including UV or solar radiation, temperature changes, weather conditions such as rain snow. Moisture, dust and dirt also have a major influence on the fact that headlights degrade over time. Lamps that are scratched, yellowed or tarnished besides being much less functional (they do not focus the light correctly, which consequently reduces the range of road illumination) do not look attractive.

Polishing lamps instead of replacing them - find out a cheaper solution

The solution to this situation is not necessarily to replace the headlamp. Often, in order to regain the original technical parameters of the light, it is sufficient to polish the lamp. The damaged, yellowed surface is rubbed off gently with a polishing brush. Once the soiled layer has been rubbed off, a preparation is applied to the headlight to fill in the scratches caused by the abrasion.

Benefits of headlight polishing

The advantages of headlight polishing include the short repair time and the fact that the lighting does not need to be dismantled. It is also a much cheaper solution than buying a new or even a used lamp. Also, unlike replacing the entire headlight, we do not have to readjust the lights. Once the preparation has been applied to the headlight, it is protected against the UV filters and consequently the oxidation of the lamp from outside.

The effect of damaged and worn lamps, in addition to poor visibility and light scattering, can result in the police retaining the registration certificate. It can also result in a fine. In addition, faulty or inadequate lighting can be one of the factors causing a car to fail a technical inspection.