Headlight regeneration

Does your headlight show signs of damage? Perhaps it has become dull, yellowed, cracked or has other defects?
Instead of investing in expensive new headlights, we suggest professionally refurbishing the ones you already have.

What does the headlight reconditioning process involve?


Unmounting the headlight

We start by carefully disassembling the headlight. This step is crucial to ensure that the rest of the process goes smoothly and that the reflector is not further damaged.


Interior disassembly

Once the headlight has been disassembled, we disassemble all the interior components, allowing us to accurately assess the condition of each component and providing a thorough cleaning.


Internal cleaning

Each component of the headlight interior is thoroughly cleaned to remove all dirt, dust and residue. This restores the original brilliance of the components and prepares them for the next stages of reconditioning.


Reflector metallization

This is a key stage for the function of the reflector. We metallise the surface of the reflector, which restores its original reflective properties. This ensures that the light from the lamp is properly directed and not scattered.


Cleaning the lens

The lens, which is the first line of defence against external factors, is often exposed to contamination. By cleaning it thoroughly, we restore its clarity and ensure that light passes through it without interference.


Bonding and sealing

After all stages of reconditioning, we put the headlight back together. We use specialised adhesives to ensure that the joint is tight and durable. In addition, we ensure that it is resistant to external factors such as moisture, dust or mud that could affect its functioning.

Why choose our remanufacturing service?



Our services are significantly cheaper than buying and fitting new original headlights.


A refreshed look

During the reconditioning process, the headlight is thoroughly cleaned, making it regain its original shine, looking like new.


Professional security

After reconditioning, the diffuser is protected with a UV-filtered coating to protect it from tarnishing.


Quality assurance

We use specialised adhesives to ensure a long-lasting and secure connection. What's more, after our intervention, the lamp requires no additional coding.