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Headlight regeneration


Have you been in a collision? Do you have a damaged headlight? Has it cracked, yellowed or perhaps has a manufacturing defect? You no longer need to buy expensive original headlights that cost thousands. Instead, you can replace the diffuser itself.

The advantages that result from replacing the headlight diffuser include: cheaper cost than buying and replacing the entire headlight. When replacing the diffuser, the headlight is cleaned inside so that it looks like new. Once the diffuser has been replaced, it is glued with professional adhesive from our service and the lamp does not need to be coded. We protect the new diffuser with a UV filter coating so that the new diffuser does not tarnish.

We also provide lamp reflector regeneration services. It is worth reaching for this solution when the lamp cups have been burnt out and consequently damaged, as the regenerated lights will still shine better than new replacements. In order to regenerate the reflector, the headlight is first stripped or cut apart. The next step is to remove the old, burnt layer and then to protect the reflector. Once the component is protected, heat-resistant aluminium is sprayed on.