How to protect lamps after polishing?

how to protect lamps after polishing

Have you been hit by dull headlights or another lamp defect? If so, a great solution will be the procedure, which is polishing car lamps. This is a relatively simple operation, which is why a lot of drivers decide to polish their car headlights themselves, often forgetting about practically the most important step of the whole operation. Protecting the lamps after polishing is something that must not be forgotten. Proper protection of the headlights after polishing is essential if you want a decent result. Before you start polishing your lamps - it's worth knowing. how to protect lamps after polishing? About it in today's article. Keep reading and you'll find out:

Why is regular polishing of car lamps necessary?

The times when automakers relied on durable solutions are long behind us. This applies to both engines and car headlights. In older vehicles, manufacturers used glass shades, which resulted in the longevity of car lamps. Currently, however In new cars you will find plastic lampshades headlights, which are seriously worn when the mileage approaches the limit of 100,000 kilometers. Therefore, having a new car, equipped with plastic lampshades, we must expect that small or larger damages to the surface of the headlight will be an everyday occurrence. Older glass structures also wear out, but damage on the surface of the lamp appears much more slowly compared to new plastic solutions. As a result of such a design change - it is necessary to regularly (e.g., every 100,000 km) regenerate or polish car lamps.

Why polish your headlights?

Car headlights have a very important task - they are supposed to keep us safe. The condition of headlights is affected by a mass of external atmospheric factors, such as varying temperature, precipitation or UV radiation. Therefore - no matter whether we have a plastic or glass shade - we need to take proper care of the headlight surface. Our safety depends on it. What options do we have when the headlight no longer serves its purpose? Purchase a new lamp? This is an expense of several thousand per headlight. And this one most often does not need to be replaced. Other options? Headlight reconditioning and lamp polishing. The first procedure will work well for physical damage to the lamp. The second, on the other hand, is great for smaller defects, such as dull headlight shades. Choosing to recondition or polish your car's lamp has one primary advantage. Polishing the shades is a fraction of the price of a new headlight. So why overpay when opting for car lamp polishing will combat tarnished headlights just as effectively as replacing a lamp that costs several thousand. Car headlight polishing is a relatively simple procedure that those with technical savvy can certainly handle. In this case, the cost of polishing is subtracted from the work of a specialist. Remember, however, that the structure of a car lamp is very delicate. If you would like to take care of your safety on the road and would prefer to have specialists take care of your headlights - at Vroomer we professionally perform car lamp polishing. Click and get more information! Do you take up headlight polishing yourself? Keep reading and you will learn how to properly complete the last step, which is protecting car lamps after polishing.

How to protect lamps after polishing?

Polishing lamps involves destroying the protective coating present on the headlight. To protect the lamps after polishing is to apply a new layer of coating. How to do it? How to protect headlights after polishing? It depends on the form of the preparation we use. There are many such agents on the market. Therefore, the only universal prescription for protection of lamps after polishing is to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of the preparation used.

What to protect the lamps after polishing?

As we mentioned above - on the market you will find a mass of agents that you can use when protecting your headlights after polishing. What to protect lamps after polishing? Proven preparations include special wax, clear lacquer and hardening agents. If you purchase a high-quality product from one of the above groups and follow the manufacturer's instructions (tip from the paragraph How to protect headlights after polishing), great protection of lamps after polishing You have practically in your pocket.

Protection of lamps after polishing - Summary

Securing the lamps after polishing is the most important stage of the whole procedure. This is because proper protection of the lamps is a guarantee that no scratches or discoloration will quickly appear on the surface of the headlight. In addition, proper protection of lamps after polishing improves the effect as a result of the filling of micro-scratches. Therefore, it is worth knowing - how to protect headlights after polishing and what to protect lamps with after polishing. It is also worth knowing: How to polish your car's headlights? You are welcome!