Installation of projectors

Our company also deals with the installation of Bi-Led and Bi-Xenon projectors. In the most general terms, this is the reworking of the original lamps by fitting a Bi-Led or Bi-Xenon lens. A lens of your choice is then placed in place of the original headlamp reflectors.

Bi-Led and Bi-Xenon lighting: Tuning, Aesthetics and Safety at the Highest Level

The lighting of our car gives us great possibilities for tuning it, which will definitely improve its appearance and even increase our safety. Driving after dark with the projectors installed will become much more enjoyable. LED headlamps, are much more powerful than xenon headlamps and have 100% greater brightness. Thus, by fitting a Bi-Led or Bi-Xenon lens, in addition to the attractive appearance of the lamps themselves, safety and comfort are gained after dark. By installing projectors, you will enjoy fantastic road lighting. Visibility in difficult conditions will certainly be significantly improved. The installation of Bi-Led as well as Bi-Xenon projectors can be carried out on virtually any car model, even those of an older vintage. In addition, Bi-Led and Bi-Xenon lamps are characterised by low energy consumption. Bi-Led lamps, like Bi-Xenon, combine the function of the low-beam and high-beam headlamps with a single mounted diode.

If you value safety and want to transform the appearance of your car, contact us.