How do you unglue car lamps?

Hard glue is the bane of any person trying to perform major procedures in the headlight area. Headlight reconditioning, thorough cleaning of car lamps, or regeneration of reflectors are all activities that require the decoating of car lamps. Often, the biggest problem that arises with such treatments performed at home is precisely this first step - decalcification of the headlight. The problem mainly stems from trying to use "magic" ways that are supposed to decoupage the headlight in 2 minutes. No tricks work on hard glue. Hard glue lamps succumb only to proven methods. How to unglue car lamps? In this article, you'll find a proven way to get your car headlights unstuck without any problems.

Read on and you'll find out:

  • When is ditching a headlight essential?
  • With what to unglue car headlights?
  • How to unstick lamps hard glue using solvent liquid Vroomer lamp unstick product?
  • Unsealing a car lamp - The most common mistakes
  • Deconstruction of car lamps - Summary

When is ditching a headlight essential?

Virtually every repair in the area of car lamps. Without disassembling the lamp, we will perform only basic tasks - for example, to polish car headlights - we do not need to disassemble them. However, when we need to get inside the headlight shade - ungluing the lamp is essential. This is the activity that starts major repairs, such as car lamp reconditioning or deep cleaning of lamp shades. A burnt-out reflector requiring replacement also often requires dismantling the lamp. Generally - When the headlights do not give as much light as they used to and the light output is weakened - expect that a potential repair of the lamp will start by dismantling it. Of course, you can fix the problem with the purchase of new headlights. But such a solution will cost several or, in the case of new cars, even several thousand. Car headlight reconditioning, which makes the lamp shine like new, is a fraction of the amount of a new headlight. To get it done, you need to know, how do you ditch car lamps? Hard glue is the biggest obstacle for those who want to clean the car lamps from the inside or want to deal with the regeneration of car lamp shades. In the following text you will learn - how to deal with hard glue and, as a result, save cash on car lighting repair.

With what to unglue car headlights?

We have been in the business of professional headlight repairs for 4 years and know very well that choosing the right agent is essential. At Vroomer, we use one measure - hard glue solvent signed with our logo. We created this product for a person like you - who would like to repair his lamps himself, but hard glue stood in the way. With our solvent you will efficiently you will strip even the toughest car headlight. The product is very easy to use. In the following text you will find out - how to unglue car lamps just with our solvent. And what if you have already purchased another product? We also have a universal advice for you. Read more.

How to unstick lamps hard glue using solvent liquid Vroomer lamp unstick product?

As we mentioned - dismantling the lamps using our solvent is really easy, and in practice it looks like this:

  • You heat the reflector for 5-10 minutes at 130-150°C. Use an oven for this purpose. A blowtorch does not work.
  • After a reasonable period of time, you take the reflector out of the oven.
  • Now it's time to apply the solvent. Create a field for it - undermine the housing. This way you will create a gap. When you succeed - apply the solvent in the resulting hole.
  • Solvent introduced? Then you are left with the task of separating the lampshade from the housing. This task will be made much easier for you pliers, which you will also find in our offer. Slowly unravel the shade from the housing with them.

Done. The reflector has been decoupled. You can start the proper operations. Once you have completed them, you will have to glue the lamps together again. The question arises -. Which headlight adhesive to choose? You can find the answer in the linked article.

A lot of these things to buy. Solvent, glue, pliers. But no worries. We've assembled all the necessary tools for you - we've created a headlight gluing and disassembling kit. In it you will find all the necessary things and step-by-step instructions that will guide you through the process of disassembling and gluing lamps.

Do you already have another solvent? If so, find the instructions from the product you have. Most likely, its use will be similar to the one we just described, but remember that the solvent will work best when you apply it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Unsealing a car lamp - The most common mistakes

You already know how to strip car lamps. It seems fabulously simple, but as with any repair - here too we can make mistakes. What can be done wrong? A common mistake made when ditching a headlight is to apply solvent too quickly. As a result, the solvent misses the gap and gets into other parts of the lamp housing. Rapidly applied solvent will not work as expected. Tip - try to apply the solvent slowly and smoothly. This way of applying the product will ensure that it goes to the right place and does its job.

By far the most common mistake is to try to decoupage the lamp without heating it in the oven long enough. If the reflector is not sufficiently heated, you will have a lot of trouble getting it unstuck. Taking the lamp out of the oven too quickly will delay your work - eventually you will have to put it back in the oven and heat it to the right temperature anyway. Solution - take your time, properly heat the lamp before taking it out of the oven. This will make it quicker and easier to unmold the reflector.

Deconstruction of car lamps - Summary

With the knowledge of how to strip car lamps, you can proceed to repairs more serious than cleaning lamp shades or installing a headlight shade. You already know what tools you need, how to use them, and where you can (and even should) buy them ;). However, if you are concerned about harming your car's lighting components - it is worth considering lamp reconditioning at Vroomer. Click and use the service headlight regeneration. Entrust your lamps to the professionals!