What are the costs associated with replacing car headlights?

Car headlight replacement costs is one of the most important factors for those deciding on such a service. However, as we will point out in this text, it is not always worth saving on it, as it has a significant impact on driving safety and comfort. We encourage you to read on for detailed information on this subject.


What affects the cost of replacing car headlights?

Contrary to what you might think, replacing a headlight is a fairly complex operation. It consists of activities such as:

  • Removal of components that allow access to the headlight,
  • Loosen the screws responsible for the attachment,
  • Installing a new headlight,
  • plugging the electrical cube,
  • Placement of the remaining reflector seating elements,
  • control of the correctness of operation.

How much does it cost to replace car headlights because of these steps? Depending on the workshop, you have to pay for the replacement itself from 50 to 200 zloty. However, this of course depends on the workshop, its location and the complexity of the operation. After all, in some cars the work is more time-consuming, which will of course translate into how much you will have to pay the mechanic.

However, you need to keep in mind the other factors that affect the cost, including, of course, the headlight itself. Its price is affected by, among other things. make and model of car, because it also depends on this element how easy it is to find such an item on the market. This is because it is often relatively difficult and expensive, causing many people to look for alternatives.


How to save money on headlight replacement?

For some car models, finding new headlights can be difficult and expensive. Also, the replacement parts themselves can be expensive, up to several thousand zlotys apiece for the newest and most modern cars on the market. It's no wonder, then, that many drivers are reluctant to replace them themselves, prolonging the life of their headlights and even when their quality has dropped significantly.

However, there is a solution to reduce this expense. It is reconditioning service, allowing to restore the excellent appearance and properties of old headlights. Of course, much depends on the extent of the work that is necessary to make the lights look good. One of them may be headlight polishing, which we also deal with. 

However, regardless of the scope, reconditioning is usually several percent cheaper than buying new headlights and replacing them. So it is definitely worth opting for such a service, and not only for an older car, but also for a newer one, when, as we mentioned, all new replacement components are very expensive.

You will also learn from our blog, at what mileage should the lamps be reconditioned, to ensure the safety and comfort of your car.


What NOT to do?

However, if you are looking for savings, do not opt for suspiciously cheap services and in questionable class in workshops, and this applies to both remanufacturing and replacement itself. This is because most often low cost is due to poor quality of provision, which can result in problems on the road and thus the need to go to the auto repair shop again. So it is better to perform the service once but well.

What are the costs of replacing car headlights? As you can see, they are different and are affected by many different factors. However, a great solution is to remanufacture them, which proves to be not only more cost-effective, but also environmentally friendly. To learn more about the details of such a service, we cordially invite you to contact us directly.