What company of light bulbs for the car to buy? Xenons what company to choose?

Bosch, Osram, Philips, Optima or Tungsram are companies that most drivers are familiar with. The first 3 in particular are particularly popular. The bulbs of these companies are often more expensive than competing solutions, but they stand out for their quality, which is worth paying extra for. The last two mentioned are a bit less well-known and at the same time cheaper, although for their price segment - they are a solid So - which company of bulbs/xenons for your car to buy? If you expect uncompromising quality and price does not play a role - choose from bulbs Bosch's, Philips' whether companies Osram. If, on the other hand, you are looking for light bulbs cheap and good - light bulbs from the company Optima i Tungsram are for you.

You already know what company of bulbs/xenons to buy for your car. Read on and you'll find out:

  • How much do light bulbs cost for a car?
  • Where to buy car light bulbs?
  • Do car light bulbs need to be replaced in pairs? Why do light bulbs need to be replaced in pairs?


How much do light bulbs cost for a car?

Prices for the most common type of bulb - H7 - are within the scope of From 20 to 120 zlotys for a two-pack. Which, of course, does not mean that you can not buy more expensive bulbs - on the market you can easily find models for several hundred zlotys. Why such a price gap? The main factors determining the price of a car bulb are its parameters and manufacturer. Higher-end bulbs stand out:

  • light intensity,
  • coverage,
  • light color,
  • uniformity of illumination,
  • glare reduction,
  • lifespan.

We will see a significant difference in the mentioned parameters, first of all, when comparing the cheapest bulbs with those of the middle and higher end. On the quality of the bulbs depends the quality of lighting, and on the quality of lighting depends our safety. Therefore, In our opinion, it is better to avoid the cheapest bulbs and aim to choose those from the middle/higher end, which provide much better performance.


Where to buy car light bulbs?

The obvious place to buy automotive light bulbs is motor store. In such a store you will find a huge selection of light bulbs, so with the choice of the right model there will be no problem. However, remember to check the price of the chosen bulb on the Internet before the purchase itself. Automotive stores impose sizable margins and most often it turns out that sameYou can buy the bulb on the Internet at a much better price. So if you don't need a bulb right now and accept the potential shipping costs -. look for car light bulbs in online stores, where the selection is even greater than in stationary stores, and prices are more attractive.

Do you need a car bulb so urgently that you wonder - can you buy a bulb at a gas station? Then you have the answer - yes, You can buy a car bulb at a gas station. But you have to reckon with some downsides to such an arrangement. The main downside is the price. The bulbs at the stations are more expensive relative to those offered in automotive stores (both stationary and online). Another downside is limited choice. You will find popular types of bulbs at the stations, but if your car is equipped with slightly more exotic solutions, there will be a problem with buying a bulb at the station.

The last and perhaps least obvious possibility is supermarket. In almost every major supermarket you will find an "automotive section" equipped with, among other things, the most popular car bulbs. Supermarkets encourage attractive prices, but a low price in this case means the lowest possible quality. So even if you find the right kind of bulb there - we advise you against its Purchase if you don't need a bulb for now.


Do car light bulbs need to be replaced in pairs? Why do light bulbs need to be replaced in pairs?

You may be wondering - why did we give a price range for a two-pack of H7 bulbs? After all, it is rare that two bulbs need to be replaced at the same time. And you are right - such situations are rare. But what happens when we replace one bulb that just happened to burn out? We will make one bulb shine differently from the other, and more specifically, the roadway will not be evenly lit. Such a situation will have a negative impact on our safety and that of other drivers. Therefore, H7 bulbs are always replaced in pairs - so that they shine exactly the same.


Car light bulbs/Xenons what company? Summary

Which company do you decide on? Do you bet on uncompromising quality and choose Bosch, Philips or Osram? But do you prefer cheaper, reliable solutions and decide to buy Optima or Tungsram bulbs? The choice is yours. Narrow down the list of potential producers to the above, and you will surely be satisfied!