Plastic welding

The main focus of our business is the reconditioning of car headlights. However, it sometimes happens that a headlight that is damaged has a cracked housing and is leaking. In such cases, the priority is fixing headlight leaks, which requires welding of plastic parts. This is a much cheaper and easier solution than buying a new part, as it happens that original parts are hard to find. 

Efficient welding of plastic headlight components

The welds made are practically invisible and are characterised by high durability. The vehicle owner does not have to worry about the headlight leaking or cracking again. Welding of plastic lamp components is a much more reliable solution than buying a cheaper replacement made of dubious material. In our company, we weld not only headlights. We also provide services related to the repair of bumpers, spoilers, mirror housings or engine covers. Our range also includes the repair of radiators, dummies and motorbike fairings.

Plastic bonding

In addition to welding, we also offer bonding of plastics. This is the method that is used for all plastics. Depending on the type of material, polyurethane as well as epoxy adhesives are used. The entire site is first properly prepared. After initial sanding and washing, the component is degreased, then a primer is applied to increase the adhesion of the adhesive. Once the adhesive has been applied, it is necessary to wait until it has properly cured.