Which headlight adhesive to choose

Old, crumbling glue causes many problems with headlights. Initially, such glue manifests itself as headlight evaporation. But eventually it can lead to more serious defects, the removal of which

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construction of a car headlight

Construction of car headlights

Car headlights play a very important role in ensuring safety while driving. This is made possible by their design, which makes them perform their functions perfectly. So let's check it out,

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fogged headlights

How to fix fogged headlights?

How to fix steaming car headlights? A fogged headlight is a problem that occurs in vehicles that are several years old, as well as in new cars. Most often the problem is solved without our

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How to replace the bulb in the headlight?

Replacing a light bulb is a basic activity that is worth mastering. Taking into account the current tariff of fines - it is literally worth it - for driving with a defective light bulb, you risk up to 500 zlotys.

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the way to dull headlights

The way to dull headlights

Headlights are an essential part of vehicle equipment. They are responsible for driving safety. They illuminate the driver's path and make the car visible on the road. They are located at the front of the vehicle...

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why the headlights in your car fog up

Why do car headlights fog up?

Regardless of the age of our car, its condition or odometer mileage, every vehicle requires proper maintenance and care in terms of its day-to-day operation. If we take care...

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