Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 SRT headlight regeneration
The lamps from the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 SRT came to us for improvement after a "professional lamp reconditioning company". At first glance, the lamps looked very average, but after completely dismantling the lamps, it became clear what the big problem was - lThe amps were cut and glued back together on silicone. In addition, acid got into the lampshades from the inside damaging them from the inside. As our service technicians are fond of such topics after the initial valuation and Confirming everything with the client we got down to work.
Work performed:
  • dismantling of lamps
  • disassembly of the interior
  • housing repair
  • regeneration of reflectors
  • lens cleaning
  • installation of new lampshades
  • new EU aperture
  • gluing together with sealing