NISSAN 370Z headlight reconditioning

Lamps from Nissan 370Z have undergone a complete reconditioning with us, along with the painting of some of the elements indicated by the customer, so that everything formed a coherent whole with the realized project. After the lamps were delivered to our service, we agreed on the specific scope of work to be done so that our service technicians could get to work as soon as possible.

The Nissan 370Z headlight restoration work performed included:

  • light intensity measurement
  • Removal of inverters and filaments
  • dismantling of lamps
  • disassembly of the interior
  • removal of old glue
  • disassembly of interior components for painting
  • renovation of the lampshade inside and outside
  • painting selected elements matte black
  • metallization of reflectors
  • gluing the lamps together with sealing