Nissan Skyline R34 headlight reconditioning
We present to you the result of our work on the lamps of the Nissan Skyline R34. The lamps came to us, as is usually the case, in order to improve the quality of the light, in addition, we noticed that there was interference with the lamp before us, because a 2.5″ projector was installed in the lamp. Unfortunately, a hole had been drilled under the projector, which made it impossible to remove it, as a hole would have been left in its place. In accordance with the client's instructions, all interior elements that do not affect the light were painted matte black.
Work performed:
  • non-invasive decoupling
  • removal of old glue
  • disassembly of the interior
  • preparation of elements for painting
  • matte black painting
  • metallization of reflectors
  • renovation of lampshades with protection with a coating dedicated to PC lampshades
  • gluing and sealing