Porsche Cayenne headlight regeneration
Porsche lamps have recently been a more frequent customer with us than BMW 5 E60 or BMW F10. Unfortunately, the reflectors of the lamps at the mileage of 60-80k km already have to be re-metalized because they are largely burned out which affects the poor light, in a large number of lamps that come to our service have xenon burners from the first assembly. In this model, our customer chose the extended package.
Work performed:
  • decohesion of the lamps (no marks on the housing)
  • disassembly of the entire interior
  • metallization of reflectors
  • brand new lampshades
  • cleaning of internal components
  • internal plastic parts have been protected with a protective coating
  • protection of lampshades with PPF film
  • gluing together with sealing
  • Installation of a new set of Osram Next Gen filament lamps