Conversion of US UK lamps to EU - the most important information

Whether you've already imported your dream car from the US or UK, or you're just looking around - you should know that immediately after the purchase, you'll still face a few expenses related to adapting it to traffic on Polish roads. One of the most important things after buying a car from the UK or the US is to adapt the lamps. In our country, right-hand traffic is mandatory, while in America and the UK, cars drive on the left side of the road. This is one of the reasons for the differences in the design of headlights used in cars manufactured for the American and British markets. Jhat are the differences in the construction of car lamps in different countries? What is the process of lamp reworking? Read to the end and you will find out everything.

What is the process of adapting UK lamps?

On cars made for the British market, the headlights are pointed slightly to the left. Such a solution works great In the UK, where it applies Left-hand traffic - headlights pointing slightly to the left provide illumination to the roadside, on which, for example, a pedestrian or cyclist can move. But let's reverse the situation by changing the direction of travel. Poland has right-hand traffic, so the said lamp setting would blind drivers coming from the opposite direction. For this reason, the lamps should be redesigned so that the light beam of the lamps is directed slightly to the right. To do this lens apertures are replaced. This treatment makes the light beam fall asymmetrically in an inverted way to the UK, which takes care of the problem.

In the case of UK lamps, that's it - slightly more things need to be done in cars imported from the US, which is what we're talking about right now.

What is the process of adapting US lamps?

Lamps designed for cars manufactured in the United States shine symmetrically. This means that they equally illuminate the right and left sides of the roadway, Which is unacceptable on European roads. Car lamp lights within the European Union should illuminate the right side of the road to a greater extent. Changing the symmetrical lighting involves either replacing the lens apertures or modifying the factory solution.

For a little more information on symmetrical and asymmetrical lighting, see the post
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If the topic interested you - welcome. We, on the other hand, return to discussing the process of adapting US lamps.

Another issue to be reworked is turn signals, which in American cars are red and often integrated with the stop light. The color of the turn signal is determined by the national regulations, and these exactly say that the turn signal should be yellow. Thus modification is needed to change the color of the turn signals and separate them from the stop lights.

The changes in the rear lamp area do not end with the turn signals. The rear lights of American-made cars do not have fog lights, which are mandatory in the European Union. So the last modification needed is Adding fog lighting.

How much does it cost to rework the lamps?

The cost of adapting the lamps depends, of course, on the specific vehicle model. Prices start at 600 zloty per lamp. If you want to know the exact price services for a particular car - contact us - We will be happy to answer all your questions.