At what mileage should the lamps be reconditioned?

In our experience, the headlights in modern cars are heavily worn after driving 80,000 - 100,000 kilometers, which on average translates into 5-8 years of operation. What are the causes of headlight wear? What can be done about it? Do you wait until the mentioned mileage on the odometer is knocked out and why not? About all this in today's article.

Why do the lamps glow less and less?

80 000 kilometers is quite little, right? True, but let's remember that is a statistic for modern designs. The headlights on older vehicles were much sturdier. This is due to the construction of lamps. In the past, glass was used to make lampshades. Nowadays, lampshades are made of plastic. In the past, reflectors were produced from metal. Now reflectors are produced from plastic.


However, regardless of materials, from which your lamps are made - on their condition is affected by daily use. Variable weather conditions, sunlight, exposure to dust, mud, gravel, sand are all factors responsible:

  • fogged,
  • scratched,
  • yellowed headlights.

The mentioned factors (rather) you will not avoid. So what can you do, when you notice that your headlights are shining less and less? You will find out in the next paragraph.

Car lamps shine poorly - what to do?

It might seem that the best and fastest solution would be to Purchase of a new headlight. However, this involves an expense from a few to several thousand PLN. It is worth taking care of the headlights, because good lighting is a guarantee of safe driving, but is it worth deciding to buy a new headlight? It isn't. If reconditioning a headlight is possible, buying a new one is an unnecessary expense. Regeneration of lamps, depending on the model of the vehicle, costs 400-1500 zlotys. In any case - several times less than buying a new headlight. What are the effects of regeneration? The headlight after reconditioning is like new, and above all, it shines like new.

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When is it worth reconditioning the lamps?

You know from the first paragraph that 80,000 - 100,000 kilometers is the average life of headlights used in modern cars. But remember that this is only an averaged statistic. We can't treat this issue zero-one. The service life of headlights is affected by a mass of factors Such as daily changing weather conditions. So don't take the 80,000 kilometer limit as a universal indicator, which will work in any case. Whenever you notice that your lamps:

  • have lost their transparency,
  • Are tarnished, yellowed or scratched,
  • do not provide an adequate beam of light,
  • They insufficiently illuminate the road,

don't delay - go for headlight reconditioning and enjoy safe driving, which is guaranteed by good lighting.