Reconditioning of car lamps - everything you would like to know

You have doubts as to the procedure of regeneration of car lamps And are you looking for reliable information? We have prepared an article especially for you. Here you will find more than a dozen questions in the field of headlight reconditioning. If you did not find the information you are interested in among the questions -. in the last paragraph you will gain the opportunity to get answers to any questions you may have From the area of automotive services related to lamps. Read to the end.

What does professional lamp reconditioning look like?

Mileage comprehensive headlight reconditioning in Vroomer looks as follows:

  1. Wash thoroughly Both the exterior and interior parts.
  2. We are removing the reflector.
  3. We remove the old coating reflector.
  4. We degrease it, whereupon apply upon him primer.
  5. Apply for reflector new metallization coating.
  6. We protect the coatingimposed in the previous step.
  7. We move on to the maintenance of mechanical components, such as guides.
  8. We polish shade surface.
  9. Depending on the condition of the lampshade - we deal with its regeneration or not.
  10. In the end, always We check the operation of the lamp.

This is what it looks like in practice, and how does it work in practice? You will find out in the next paragraph.

What are the results of car headlight reconditioning?

How do the headlights look after reconditioning in our workshop? Go to our realizations And find out for yourself.

Lamps They look like new, and above all, they work like new. In addition, are more durable and wear out more slowly than a potential replacement.

A treatment that makes the lamp shine like new, look like new and is virtually as durable as a new original headlight. Sounds tempting, and What does it look like in terms of price? Keep reading and you'll find out everything.

How much does it cost to recondition the lamps? Does it pay for itself?

Let's start the question of cost-effectiveness of performing lamp reconditioning with the prices of new headlights. The price range is quite large due to the multitude of models. That's why we encourage you to type the question - "your car model" + "headlight" - into the search engine now. Browse through some offers and come back here to see how much you'll save by opting for remanufacturing at our workshop.

Once you know the average price of a new lamp - go to our price list And find your model.

What is the difference in your case? Most often, the price of reconditioning is a fraction of the price of a headlight.

A new lamp costs several times more than a treatment that makes the headlight work and look like new? That's exactly right.

Therefore Headlight reconditioning is a cost-effective decision.

While browsing headlights for your vehicle, you might have seen that many stores offer next-day delivery. A How long will it take us to recondition your headlights? About that in the next paragraph.

How long does it take to recondition lamps at Vroomer?

The time we will need to recondition your lamps, always give at first contact By phone or email. So if you want to know the exact time of service -. contact us now.

This is the last paragraph. Where is this answer to all doubts? Right in the link above. If you have any doubts - we are at your service. Feel free to contact us.