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We offer a wide range of headlight reconditioning services. We can save your headlights from having to replace them with new ones while allowing you to save a lot.

Headlight regeneration

Have you been in a collision? Do you have a damaged headlight? Has it cracked, yellowed or perhaps has a manufacturing defect? You no longer need to buy expensive original headlights that cost thousands. Instead, you can replace the diffuser itself.

Vroomer car lamp polishing

During the use of a car, lamps gradually wear out. This is due to the effects of various factors on the headlights including UV or solar radiation, temperature changes, weather conditions such as rain snow. Also, moisture, dust and dirt have a big impact on the fact that headlights degrade over time.

We are engaged in the adaptation of lamps to the standards of the European Union. When we decide to buy a car manufactured in a non-European market, we have to pay many hidden costs. One of them is to make mandatory modifications in order for our car to be approved for road traffic. One of these is the adaptation of lighting in accordance with the standards that apply in our country.

Lighting our car gives us great opportunities for tuning it, which will definitely improve its appearance and even increase our safety. Driving after dark with projectors installed will become much more enjoyable. LED headlights, are much more powerful than xenon headlights and have 100% more brightness.

The main focus of our company is on the reconditioning of car headlights. However, it happens that a headlight that is damaged has a cracked housing and is leaking. Then in order to keep the headlight tight, welding of plastic parts is required. This is much cheaper and easier than buying a new part, as it happens that original parts are hard to find. 


Our service offers unparalleled quality control of headlights after purchase.
As professional specialists in the industry, we provide our customers with the best service and complete security of transactions.