The way to dull headlights

the way to dull headlights

Headlights are an important part of a vehicle's equipment. They are responsible for driving safety. They illuminate the driver's path and make the car visible on the road. Located at the front of the vehicle, they are extremely vulnerable to impacts from sand and other dirt carried by the wind. As a result, they tarnish, reducing the shine and lowering the aesthetics of the car. Matte headlight shades can be refurbished, restoring their luster. See how.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why renew matte headlights?
  2. The way to dull headlights
  3. How to clean matte headlights?

Why renew matte headlights?

The functions of car lamps are well known not only to drivers. Almost everyone knows that safe driving after dark requires illumination of the road, and that stop, turn signal or position lights inform other traffic participants of the maneuvers being performed. At the same time, not everyone realizes that with the passage of time, lamp shades get dirty and dull. This in turn affects the way the light is dispersed and its intensity. After several years of use, the headlight no longer illuminates the road as brightly as at the beginning. In addition, its dull surface gives the impression of being worn out, which also visually adds years to the vehicle. As a result, even a relatively young car looks more worn out and loses its aesthetic appeal. Matte headlights Are now a problem for almost every vehicle owner. This is due to the fact that they are mainly manufactured from a plastic that is much more prone to scratching than glass. This is one of the reasons, For which it is worth renewing from time to time matt headlamp shades.

The way to dull headlights

Tarnished headlights for many drivers are a reason to look for funds in the budget for new shades. However, it is worth considering that while most Poles can now afford to buy a used car, maintaining it is already a much bigger challenge. That's why it's worth reducing these costs, including by refurbishing car lamps. There is the way to dull headlights. You will need a few accessories, the right preparation and, of course, a considerable amount of time and patience. But beware, restoring tarnished car lamp shades on your own is possible only if there are minor are surface changes. If the interior of the headlight also needs to be renewed, or there are cracks and cavities on the lampshade, It is worth entrusting this task to the specialists of Vroomer. They will restore the luster of the lighting with professional methods.

the way to dull headlights

How to clean matte headlights?

If the lamps in your car no longer illuminate the road as they used to, or give the impression of being old and worn out, the following may be responsible for this matte headlights. What to clean Their surface to make them shiny again? The best solution is a simple mechanical method, i.e. removing dirt with sandpaper. Dulling is mainly a consequence of scratching the surface by material particles carried with the wind. The resulting roughness thus attracts and holds dirt much more intensively. Thus, the purpose of the regeneration treatment is to remove dirt and give the surface smoothness that matte headlights gain. How to clean such lampshades?  Here's an easy way to matt headlights:

  • if you clean the lampshade immediately after driving, take care to cool it down,
  • Carefully assess the level of damage and check for cracks that require professional action,
  • Secure the paint around the lamps with wide protective tape,
  • Carefully wash the headlights with water and detergent,
  • Clean the lampshade with sandpaper soaked in water, using a gradation from 1200 (or lower if the damage is extensive) to 2500,
  • Polish the surface with a dampened felt wheel with polishing paste,
  • Remove residual polishing paste according to the instructions of its manufacturer,
  • Apply a protective product or varnish to the lampshades.

When cleaning the lamps yourself you must remember to make circular movements and limit the number of them in one place. It is also necessary to control the humidity of the felt and paper especially when working with an electric polisher. This will avoid heating the plastic and deforming it. Special protective films designed to be applied to headlights are also available for sale. Their advantage is that they can be quickly replaced without tedious polishing of the lampshade. If you want to be sure that the tarnishing of the lampshades will be removed properly, headlight polishing can be made for you by Vroomer specialists.